28TH JAN 2024 - 3RD FEB 2024*

UM-Marsal Globestar Education Leadership
Summit 2024

Mumbai | Delhi

Terms and Conditions

1. Background:

The Event is being conducted by the Event Organizer in collaboration with Marsal Family School of Education, for promoting professional development for educators. The Event will be conducted for 3 days in Mumbai and Delhi each respectively. Both of the workshops will involve 65 education leaders each in Mumbai and Delhi. One of the 3 days of workshop will include sponsored networking dinner. The 4th and the last day will be a graduation and award ceremony which will include 3 panels and 300 participants.


2. Event (“Event”):


“Participant(s)” shall mean the person attending the Event on the Scheduled Date at the Venue.

3. Event Organizer (“Event Organizer”):

Globestar Edutech Private Limited

  • TNI Career Counselling

  • Mr. Dhaval Mehta, CEO and Founder

4. Scheduled Date (“Scheduled Date”):
  1. 22nd January, 2024 – 25th January, 2024 (at Mumbai Venue)

  2. 27th January, 2024 – 30th January, 2024 (at Delhi Venue)

The Event Organizer reserves its rights to finalise the Scheduled Date or change then at its sole discretion.

5. Venue (“Venue”):
  1. Mumbai – At a School (Day 1-2) and a Hotel (Day 2, 3, 4), in central locations as intimated by Event Organizer in writing.

  2. Delhi - At a School (Day 1-2) and a Hotel (Day 2, 3, 4), in central locations as intimated by Event Organizer in writing.

The Event Organizer reserves its rights to finalise the Venue or change then at its sole discretion.

6. Venue Operator:

“Venue Operator” shall be a third-party agency who shall be responsible for the Event logistics, Venue booking, and on-ground ticket redemption, validation, and other responsibilities related to management of the Venue.

The Venue Operator shall be intimated by Event Organizer in writing.

7. Participation Fees and Payment Options:

“Participation Fees”:

  1. Early Bird Pricing INR 125,000 / $ 1,500 Per person +18% GST Till 30th Nov 2023 Limited pass available

  2. Late Pricing INR 150,000 / $ 1,800 Per person +18% GST Limited pass available

  3. Pricing for Michigan University alumni/NGOs INR 125,000 / $ 1,500 Per person +18% GST Limited pass available

  4. Special School Package Pricing: INR 3,75,000/- + 18% GST for 4 attendees (not more than 2 on 1 day) over 3 days from 1 School.

Payment Options through:

  1. Direct Bank transfer as provided in Schedule 1.

  2. UPI transaction as provided in Schedule 1.

  3. Instamojo as provided in Schedule 1.

8. EDA Sponsorship Option:

For Schools:

  1. Premium (Panelist) – INR 3,00,000/-

  2. Silver – INR 2,00,000/-

For University:

  1. VIP (Jury) – INR 5,00,000/-

  2. Elite (Jury) – INR 3,00,000/-

  3. Exclusive – INR 2,00,000/-

9. Cancellation:
  1. Registrations shall be made on non-cancellable and non-refundable basis. Requests to transfer registration to another person in a Participant’s organization, though not guaranteed may be approved upon Event Organizer’s discretion, upon receiving a written request for the same, at least 10 days prior to the Scheduled Date of the Event. If the transfer request is approved, a Processing Fees of INR INSERT/- (“Processing Fees”) will be charged along with any Additional Registration Fees of INR INSERT/- (“Additional Registration Fees”) that may be applicable.

  2. If the Event is rescheduled or moved by the Event Organizer, the Event Organiser shall provide the Participants with the option to re-issue their tickets for redemption on the rescheduled Scheduled Date and Venue. No cancellation by the Participants shall be entertained in case of rescheduling of the Event.

  3. Notwithstanding anything stated in these Terms, if the any of the Michigan professors or other eminent speakers (“Representative”) of the Event is unable to perform due to an Incapacity, then the Event Organizer shall at its sole discretion, as the case may be either: (i) replace the Representative; or (ii) Reschedule the Event; or (iii) Replace the Representation and reschedule the Event; or (iv) Refund 75% of the Participation Fees within 15 days of receiving a request from the Participant, wherein 25% of the Participation Fees shall be deducted as cancellation charges. “Incapacity” shall mean situations where the Representative is incapacitated to perform for the Event on the Scheduled Date owing to any terminal illness, or life-threatening sickness, or bereavement for death of close family members that prevents the Representative from so performing.

  4. Notwithstanding anything stated in these Terms, if the Event is cancelled by Event Organizer, the Participants shall either get their tickets redeemed for a future event on the rescheduled Scheduled Date (if any), or avail refunds for the same within 15 days of cancellation of the Event. Please note that any booking service fees/and or payment gateway charges are not refundable.

  5. It is further clarified that, no refunds shall be made if the Event gets cancelled due to Force Majeure Event. “Force Majeure Event” shall mean a cause or event that is beyond the reasonable control of either Party occurring without the fault or negligence of the Party claiming ‘Force Majeure’, and which makes performance of the claimant Party’s obligations impossible and includes war, riots, act of God, emergency, floods, insurrection, government lockdowns, revolution, civil strife, earthquake, fire, sabotage, strikes, lock-outs, and vandalism beyond that which could reasonably be prevented by the Party affected by such Force Majeure Events.

  6. If the Event is rescheduled, changed, moved or cancelled the Event Organiser under no circumstance be held responsible for any resulting costs the Participant may incur for travel, accommodation and other related goods, services or compensation.

10. Special Terms:
  1. Early registrants confirming in-person attendance will be given priority consideration, should a cap is placed on the number of in-person Participants permitted at the Venue.

  2. The Participants shall be responsible for their own travel, lodging, boarding, food and beverage costs, without any recourse to Event Organizer.

  3. No person will be allowed admission to the Event without a valid ticket or pass.

  4. For the safety of people at the Event, the Venue Operator and the Event Organiser reserve the right to refuse admission and conduct security searches as they deem appropriate.

  5. All tickets or passes shall be checked on purchase by the Participant, as mistakes cannot be rectified later.

  6. Defaced or altered tickets or passes will become void and the holder will be refused admission.
    10). Tickets cannot be resold for commercial gain. If The Event Organizer or Venue Operator have reason to believe that tickets have been re-sold, they will be invalidated, and the holder will be refused admission to the Event.

The Event Organiser reserves the right to alter or vary the content or timing of any part of the Event in circumstances beyond its reasonable control without any obligation to make any refunds.

11. Legal Terms:
  1. The Event will be conducted in compliance with applicable laws. Any dispute arising in connection with the said event shall be subject to these Terms and Conditions and may submit exclusively to the jurisdiction of the courts at Mumbai, Maharashtra.

  1. The Participants recognize and acknowledge the proprietorship of the trademarks, copyrights, logo and the reputation of Event Organizer and goodwill attached to the said intellectual property rights. The Participants agree to cooperate with the Event Organizer in preserving such reputation and goodwill and pledge to refrain from doing any act, directly or indirectly which may, in any way impair or infringe the said proprietorship.

  1. The Event Organizer and Venue Operator shall follow and implement all national and state guidelines and health safety warnings and protocols issued in respect of any social event and gatherings.


  1. For the avoidance of doubt, the Event Organiser will not be responsible for the actions of any third party, including, but not limited to, the exhibitors, Venue Operator, Participants, or any other person.

  1. The Participant (“Indemnifying Party”) shall defend, hold harmless and indemnify Event Organizer, its affiliates and the directors, officers, employees, of each of the foregoing (“Indemnified Parties”) from and against any and all direct liabilities, damages, losses, demands, claims, costs (including court costs and legal fees), and expenses actually suffered or incurred by the Indemnified Parties as a result of:

  • Misrepresentations, gross negligence, wilful misconduct of the Participants

  • infringement of any intellectual property rights of the Event Organizer or any third party; and

  • violation of any applicable laws, or any order or judgment of any judicial authority.

  1. The Event Organizer represents and warrants that it is firmly committed to providing a safe work environment and will not tolerate any discrimination based on colour, religion, sex, or any other protected class. It shall ensure that its work environment, Event Venue, receiving any Participants or any staff is free from all forms of harassment, including particularly sexual harassment, against any gender. The Event Organizer specifically represents that it complies with Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013 (“POSH Act”) and shall ensure the Venue Operator complies with the POSH Act. Strict action shall be taken by Event Organizer against any Participant who violates the POSH Act or any other applicable laws.

  2. Except for the specific representations as are mentioned herein these Terms, Event Organizer makes no representation or warranty of any kind, whatsoever, with respect to the provision of the Event or the results and proceeds thereof, and expressly disclaims any warranties of merchantability, or fitness for a particular purpose, or aesthetic appeal, of the Event for any purposes and any other implied warranties with respect to the Event.

  3. These Terms will be governed by the laws of India and competent courts in Mumbai alone shall have jurisdiction to entertain any disputes arising out of this Agreement.