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person holding black academic hat
person holding black academic hat
Institutional Services

We bring in our expertise to help institutions implement strategies that help them achieve their enrollment goals and improve their student experience. At GCS we help universities in market entry, recruitment, training, development and enhancement of their existing curriculum, faculty, co-curricular activities and more.

International Tie-ups:

Our international tie-ups service goes beyond establishing connections; it's about creating strategic partnerships that can benefit your institution in various ways. We work to identify the right international partners that align with your institution's goals. These partnerships can lead to collaborative research, student and faculty exchange programs, joint degree programs, and a broader global perspective for your students and faculty. We handle the negotiations, agreements, and ongoing collaboration, allowing your institution to expand its reach and global influence.

Student Recruitments:

At GCS, student recruitment is a holistic process that begins with understanding your institution's unique strengths and offerings. We then develop targeted recruitment strategies that reach a diverse and qualified pool of prospective students. Our methods include digital marketing, student fairs, outreach programs, and more. We not only attract students but also guide them through the admissions process, ensuring a smooth and positive experience. Our goal is to help you achieve your enrollment goals while maintaining the quality and diversity of your student body.

Faculty Hiring & Training:

Recruiting and retaining talented faculty members is crucial for the academic excellence of your institution. We assist in faculty recruitment by identifying suitable candidates, conducting interviews, and helping your institution secure top-notch educators. Additionally, our comprehensive training programs are designed to enhance the teaching capabilities of your faculty. These programs cover pedagogical techniques, curriculum development, and innovative teaching methods. We aim to empower your faculty to provide the best possible education to your students.

Curriculum Development & Admissions:

Our curriculum development service focuses on enhancing the academic programs offered by your institution. We work closely with your team to refine existing curricula and develop innovative ones that align with industry demands and educational standards. Whether it's revamping outdated courses or creating new ones, our goal is to provide students with relevant, engaging, and high-quality educational experiences. We also streamline the admissions process, making it efficient and student-friendly. This ensures that your institution can attract and admit students seamlessly, setting a positive tone for their educational journey.

Community Engagement
& Internships:

We believe that education should extend beyond the classroom. Our community engagement initiatives aim to strengthen the connection between your institution and the local community. This not only benefits the community but also provides valuable opportunities for your students to apply their knowledge and skills in real-world settings.
Internship programs are an integral part of this service, as they offer students practical experiences that enhance their education and employability. We help establish partnerships with local organizations and guide your institution in implementing community-focused projects.

Course Framework & University Fairs:

Developing a comprehensive course framework is essential for ensuring that your institution's programs align with industry demands and educational standards. We work with your team to review and refine course frameworks, ensuring that they remain relevant and competitive. Additionally, our organization of university fairs provides a platform for your students to explore a wide range of academic opportunities. These fairs offer insights into local and international universities, helping students make informed decisions about their educational paths. Our goal is to provide students with the knowledge and resources they need to make the best choices for their academic futures.

Globestar Career Roadmap:

In collaboration with TNI Career Counselling (TCC), an established company since 2017, GCS has introduced a cutting-edge technology solution and tools to empower institutions in elevating their career counseling processes. This innovative platform is designed to map students' career journeys, offering features such as scheduling counseling sessions, facilitating community discussions, tracking co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, exploring university programs, conducting aptitude tests, researching career options, and much more, all through a user-friendly dashboard for both students and counselors. GCS's mission is to revolutionize the education industry by assisting institutions in guiding their students towards the realization of their career aspirations.

“The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery.”

– Mark Van Doren