Study and Intern abroad at the same time

Internships in general are a good way to add value to your resume and opting for an internship abroad adds great value to the degree you are pursuing. An internship abroad gives you exposure in an extensive way with a global perspective. Gaining on-field experience in an international job market helps you build networking in the initial years of your career that stay with you for your journey ahead. With all the benefits it comes with, managing an internship with your studies becomes a huge task requiring a lot of time management and hard work. A lot of schools have taken notice of the growing popularity and demand for overseas internships and have added more internship opportunities to their curricula.

10/27/20231 min read

There are a number of internship programs like :

  • United Nations Internship Programme

  • The World Bank Group Internship Programme

  • The International Monetary Fund Internship Programme

  • The European Union Internship Programme

  • The United States State Department Internship Programme

  • The British Council Internship Programme

These programs are all open to international students, and they have different eligibility requirements.

If you are keen on interning while studying abroad here are some tips you can follow:

  • Make sure you are working within the regulations of your visa.

  • Try to make the most of your time working for the company, do not just settle for namesake.

  • Be flexible as you could face major scheduling challenges especially when the internship is not offered by the particular programme.

  • Put in extra effort to learn and understand the work and form connections with people.

  • Follow your progress from soft skills to measurable outcomes and be ready to articulate it on your resume for future interviews.