UM-Marsal Globestar Education Leadership
Summit 2024

Mumbai | Delhi


UM-Marsal Globestar Education Leadership
Summit 2024

Mumbai | Delhi

“Recognition for your Commitment to Excellence”





Get ready for an extraordinary event, EDA 2024, as we come together to celebrate the outstanding contributions of education champions. EDA goes beyond mere recognition of educational institutions; it honors the pioneers of progressive 21st-century education.

This is a prestigious honor, with only 36 awards to be bestowed from over 500+ school nominations in 12 categories. This is the first time where students and faculty efforts will be recognized and celebrated along with schools and principals. The awardees will be finalized by an esteemed panel of jury members consisting of experts in the field of education from top universites, government bodies and corporates.







Oct 03rd - Oct 04th, 2024

Education Deligience Awards
Oct 05th, 2024


Oct 07th - Oct 08th, 2024

Education Deligience Awards
Oct 09th, 2024

Novotel Hotel, Next to Airport Metro Station, Andheri - Kurla Rd, Mumbai 400059

Lalit Hotel, Fire Brigade Lane, Barakhamba, New Delhi, Delhi 110001



Workshop and
Education Diligence Awards

October 2024


Workshop and
Education Diligence Awards

October 2024

Novotel Hotel, Next to Airport Metro Station, Andheri - Kurla Rd, Mumbai 400059

Lalit Hotel, Fire Brigade Lane, Barakhamba, New Delhi, Delhi 110001


Three awards for each category
Platinum , Gold , Silver



Schools that have:

  • Demonstrated exceptional academic performance

  • Innovative teaching - learning pedagogy

  • Comprehensive career support for higher education placements.


Schools that have:

  • Innovative infrastructure that allows for free flow of movement, thoughts and ideas

  • Students and faculty alike that see an increased inclination to perform well are an indication of the supportive space around them.


Schools that have:

  • Provided resources, including counseling and therapy, for differently abled students

  • Encouraged programs that promote equality within the classroom

  • Achieved top placements of students from all backgrounds in top universities


Innovative Leadership Award

Principals who have:

  • Demonstrated exceptional creativity in their approach to school leadership.

  • Ability to generate new idea, approaches and solutions.

  • Manage risks effectively, learn from failure & promote innovation.

Progressive Leader Award

Principals who have:

  • Ability to foster a collaborative culture with stakeholders.

  • • Commitment for ongoing professional development

  • • Inclusion of diversity and equality within the school community.

Higher Education Emphasis Award

Principals who have:

  • Emphasised the progression to higher education through consistent workshops, discussions and college application guidance.

  • Participated in external engagement, hosting fairs and alumni engagement. Speaking experience at national & international events.


Innovative Teaching Award

Faculty who have:

  • Implemented innovative teaching practices

  • Improved student learning outcomes, creativity & adaptability

  • Any measurable impact on student achievement will be considered.

Making a Difference Award

Faculty who have:

  • Individualized instruction to meet unique needs.

  • Made a positive impact within the school and student community.

  • Constructive feedback and mentoring for individualized student growth.

Excellence in Instructional Leadership

Faculty who have:

  • Involvement in curriculum development and improvement.

  • Ability to analyse and implement effective assessment.

  • Fostered supportive learning system with strong instructional leadership


All Rounder of the Year Award

Students who have:

  • Demonstrated exceptional performance in academics.

  • taken part in co-curricular & extra curricular activities and community service.

  • Proactive Involvement in leadership projects.

Academic Excellence Award

Students who have:

  • Demonstrated outstanding academic performance in their coursework and other external competitions

  • Initiative in pursuing academic endeavors beyond classroom.

  • Ability to think out of the box and draw reasoned conclusions.

The Community Philanthropist Award

Students who have:

  • Shown Student Leadership and Community Engagement.

  • Demonstrated Philanthropy and Empathy.

  • Participated in impactful volunteering activities.

1. Contribute to the development and recognition of excellence in the education sector.

2. Impart valuable insights into the educational landscape and emerging trends.

3. Enhance the institute's reputation as an industry leader and contributor.

4. Expand networking opportunities with influential stakeholders in the education sector.

5. Showcase the university's commitment to excellence and support for educational achievements.

6. Strengthen collaborations with schools and establish potential partnerships.



1. Strengthen brand reputation and visibility by aligning with excellence in education.

2. Enhance corporate social responsibility by supporting educational initiatives and recognizing school achievements.

3. Establish connections and partnerships with schools, potentially fostering future collaborations.

4. Gain insights into the education sector and its emerging trends, helping in forming corporate strategies.

5. Contribute to the development of the next generation of talent by encouraging and celebrating educational excellence.


1. Increase brand visibility and exposure to a targeted audience of educators, students, and parents.

2. Showcase products or services directly to a captive audience and generate potential leads.

3. Build brand reputation and credibility by aligning with educational excellence.

4. Cultivate valuable partnerships and collaborations with schools and educational stakeholders.

5. Gain valuable market insights and stay informed about emerging trends in the education sector.


Dean, Marsal School of Education

Elizabeth Birr Moje serves as the Dean in the Marsal Family School of Education. Her research is primarily focused on the study of youth culture, identity, and literacy development within and beyond the formal educational setting. Dr. Moje earned her Ph.D. in Literacy & Language with a specialization in Research Methodology from Purdue University's School of Education in West Lafayette, Indiana. Her educational journey also includes an M.A. in Reading Education from Eastern Michigan University in Ypsilanti, Michigan, and a B.A. with a multidisciplinary focus on History, Political Science, and Biology from Concordia College in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Having been a part of the Marsal Family School of Education since 1997, she has made significant contributions to the field of education.



Dean, Taubman College, Architecture & Urban Planning

Jonathan Massey is an esteemed figure in the field of architecture and history, currently serving as the Dean and a Professor of Architecture at the University of Michigan's Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning. With a profound expertise in modern architecture, he is widely recognized as a leading authority on architecture and planning education. Prior to his role at Taubman College, Massey held the position of Dean of Architecture at the California College of Arts in San Francisco.Dr. Massey's academic journey includes a Bachelor of Arts and a PhD in architecture from Princeton University, as well as a Master of Architecture from the University of California, Los Angeles.

Angela Calabrese Barton

Chair, Educational Studies; Professor, Marsal Family School of Education

Angela Calabrese Barton is a distinguished professor in Educational Studies at the University of Michigan, known for her extensive research in promoting equitable and socially just science education in both school and community settings. With over 120 publications to her name, her contributions to the field have earned her several prestigious awards, including the 2018 Award for Exemplary Contributions to Practice-Engaged Research from the American Educational Research Association. Her academic journey includes a Ph.D. in Curriculum, Teaching, and Educational Policy from Michigan State University in 1995, he also holds a B.S. in Chemistry from the University of Notre Dame, awarded with honors in 1990.

Michelle J Bellino

Associate Professor, Marsal Family School of Education

Michelle Bellino is an accomplished Associate Professor at the University of Michigan School of Education. Her research revolves around the intricate relationship between education and youth civic development. Her work has earned recognition and been published in prestigious journals such as the Harvard Educational Review, Anthropology and Education Quarterly, and Comparative Education Review. Her educational background includes a Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) from Harvard Graduate School of Education, a Master of Education (M.Ed.) in Risk and Prevention, a Master of Arts (M.A.) from the University at Buffalo, and a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in English from Cornell University.

Chris Torres

Associate Professor, Marsal Family School of Education

Chris Torres serves as an Associate Professor of Educational Policy and Leadership at the University of Michigan's Marsal Family School of Education. His research is centered on qualitative inquiry, focusing on the influence of leadership and policy in stabilizing and enhancing school improvement initiatives and the teaching profession. His exceptional contributions were recognized with the Outstanding Reviewer Award in 2019 and 2020 from Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis (EEPA), as well as the Outstanding Policy Report Award from AERA Division L in 2021. His academic journey includes a BA in Psychology from Yale University, an MA in Early Childhood Education from Mercy College, and a PhD in Teaching and Learning from New York University (NYU).