Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed University Case Study

Bharati Vidyapeeth, a venerable private deemed-to-be university, has been in Pune, India, for over five decades. Established in 1964 by the visionary Indian politician and educationist, Patangrao Kadam, the university has continually evolved to meet the ever-changing demands of the educational landscape. With campuses across the nation, including New Delhi, Navi Mumbai, Sangli, Pune, Solapur, Kolhapur, Karad, Satara, and Panchgani, Bharati Vidyapeeth stands as a symbol of excellence in higher education.

4/12/20244 min read

In 2019, Bharati Vidyapeeth embarked on an ambitious journey with a vision of "Social Transformation through Dynamic Education." Their goal was to expand their offerings into the world of management and engineering with a brand-new campus. However, in light of the paradigm shift brought about by the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 and the growing demand for liberal arts education in India, the institution recognized the need for a holistic transformation. The driving forces behind this transformation were:

The Challenge

Curriculum Development:

GCS is collaborating with Bharati Vidyapeeth to design a cutting-edge curriculum that seamlessly blends liberal arts and design technology courses. This curriculum catered to the diverse needs and aspirations of students.

Bharati Vidyapeeth faced a multifaceted challenge. They needed to integrate a School of Liberal Arts alongside their existing programs in management and engineering. GCS, a renowned consultancy firm, is playing a pivotal role in orchestrating the institution's metamorphosis:


Preparing faculty to deliver this unique blend of courses effectively, ensuring that students receive quality education. GCS organized faculty development programs, ensuring that educators were well-prepared to provide students with a well-rounded education.

Student and Faculty Recruitment:

Attracting students and qualified faculty members who were passionate about this interdisciplinary approach to education.With GCS's assistance, Bharati Vidyapeeth is looking to successfully attract both students and faculty who are passionate about embracing this interdisciplinary approach.

Digital Marketing and Outreach:

Promoting the new program through digital marketing and outreach initiatives to engage with a diverse audience. GCS is implementing a robust digital marketing strategy, extending the reach of Bharati Vidyapeeth's new program and connecting with students and parents across India.

Futuristic Infrastructure:

GCS is facilitating in establishing state-of-the-art design tech labs and other amenities such as an inclusion and diversity cell, international programs, research and incubation labs, and placement and higher education counseling centers.


Intro for organised Activities and Clubs

Faculty Training on SOP and LORs

Summer School Info Session

SAT & AP Preparation Guidance

TED-Ed event

University Fair

Career Talk on Engineering, Consulting, Architecture & Entrepreneurship

1-1 sessions for 20 mins to understand subject options, career path etc.

Research and Internship Options

Bright living room with modern inventory
Bright living room with modern inventory

Study destinations across 5 countries

Bright living room with modern inventory
Bright living room with modern inventory


Students received college admissions into their intended program areas


Students mapped their co-curricular & extra-curricular activities.


Students wanted to stay back in the school for higher grades

All students got a better understanding of their interest areas & learnt how to explore their career options.


Students got clarity for their subject & curriculum choices in Grades 9 & 11


Outcomes for (BVRTSE), IGCSE/ A- Levels after
GCS Guidance

Bharati Vidyapeeth's transformative journey expected results:

  • Holistic Development: The integration of liberal arts and design technology will empower students to develop holistically, expanding their horizons beyond academics.

  • Diverse Career Opportunities: The interdisciplinary approach will open new doors for students, allowing them to explore a wide range of career possibilities.

  • Global Perspective: International programs and a focus on research will equip students with a global perspective, making them competitive in the global job market.

  • Better Placements and Learning: The institution's efforts will translate into better placements and a richer learning experience for students.

Bharati Vidyapeeth's bold vision for the future, aided by its partnership with GCS, serves as an inspiring example of how an educational institution can adapt and thrive in the ever-evolving landscape of higher education. This transformation is not just about academic growth; it's about nurturing well-rounded individuals who can make a positive impact on society and the world at large.

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